About us

About us

Bless Organization is a proudly cucuteña company with an innovative business model dedicated to the manufacture of clothing, specializing in denim jeanswear, and whose has positioned it as the textile reference # 1 in the region. 

It also highlights its corporate social responsibility through the generation of direct employment with social security benefits, health and labor welfare, and the collaboration of indirect employment through anchor companies, achieving constant training of its employees and promoting responsible mass production with the latest technology and lean manufacturing philosophy.


We create sustainable fashion

We strongly believe in generating value through sustainable culture, so we are committed to the reduction of non renewable resources for the manufacture and production of our garments.

Our Objectives

Productivity Continuous improvement Competitivity Democratisation Sustainability

We are convinced of the generation of value through the productive culture, therefore, at Bless Organization we are committed to the time, resources and personnel that carry out the productive activities of the company, including its supply chain

We are convinced of the generation of value through the culture of continuous improvement, therefore, in Bless Organization we are committed to those improvement activities involved in the production chain, managing to analyze, evaluate and reinforce processes, procedures and raw materials that help us to meet our objectives.

We are convinced of the generation of value through competitive culture, therefore, in Bless Organization we are committed to be agents of change, willing to teach, learn and apprehend the variability of fashion, styles, designs and trends to not only be the best, but the chosen by our customers.

We are convinced of the generation of value through the culture of democratization of fashion, therefore, in Bless Organization we are committed to brand development, offering diversity and trends within the reach of the customer's budget, reaching different segments and niches with a defined value proposition

We are convinced of the generation of value through sustainable culture, therefore, in Bless Organization we are committed to the reduction of non-renewable resources for the manufacture and production of our products.

Our Founder

He was born in the city of Cúcuta in the heart of a family dedicated to the art of manufacturing and clothing. This, added to 21 years of experience in the sector, allowed him to know all the components that make up the fashion system: from the design, the selection of exclusive inputs, the manufacture of innovative garments and excellent quality, to the implementation and use of technology in the production area. 

In addition to his leadership and entrepreneurship, this allowed him to materialize his dream of owning his own workshop, providing services as a satellite for different wellknown brands in the region, and later on, creating his own company with his own brand Bless. However, it was not until March 2015 that, thanks to the great reception of the designs and the accelerated growth of the company, he decided to convert it into ORGANIZATION BLESS SAS.

Yerzon Villamizar


Our Business Model

Bless organization manages 5 distribution channels:











Within these channels, the company has 9 points of sale or physical stores nationwide located in the cities of Cúcuta (6) and Medellín (3) where one of the brands (STARA) is offered; a national distribution channel that covers 30 of Colombia's 32 departments, with more than 480 customers represented in approximately 600 stores authorized to sell the Bless, Zareth, Shirel, Michell Villamizar, California Republica and Neon High Quality brands. In the international market, our products are present in Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, Puerto Rico and the United States.

Currently we have an installed production capacity of 5,000 garments per day, that is 130,000 units per month in the manufacturing plant located in the industrial zone of Cúcuta, generating direct employment for 700 families and about 1,500 indirect jobs, at the same time, in Medellin we have a distribution center that supports the logistics of the company in the area of the country.

Distinctions and acknowledgments

In Bless Organization we seek to stand out for working on the continuous improvement of the quality of our products by increasing productivity, efficiency and competitiveness which we are proud to say has been reflected not only in the growth of the brand but also through the awards we have been able to receive.

Business merit award in the innovative company category 2018, granted by the Simon Bolivar University, there we competed with more than 300 companies nationwide.

Recognized thanks to an innovative business model proposal through the pacts for innovation program of COLCIENCIAS and the Chamber of Commerce.

It is also important for us the award received by the AntiNarcotics Directorate of the National Police as gratitude for the collaboration and support to social works for the benefit of the National Police and their families.

More recently the mention received as outstanding young man of Norte de Santander by the Junior Chamber International. Cámara Junior Internacional

Strengths and Contribution to Regional Development.

The added value of our organization is the production system based on the Lean Manufacturing philosophy, which due to its flexibility adapts to the Fast Fashion strategy that breaks the paradigm of 4 collections per year for 10 collections that the company launches with more than 2500 designs, offering diversity to the consumer. Another determining factor is the timeliness of delivery as our lead time is defined in 6 days giving our distributors a great competitive advantage compared to other manufacturers that can take weeks to produce and deliver. And for our final customers, diversity is part of our value proposition as they can find new designs in our stores every week. 

We are convinced that industrialization and professionalism in the garment sector is the key to employment generation and the activation of the economy in the region, that is a key component in the company's commitment to the region, another component is at the commercial level, we have opened 6 stores in the city. Another great contribution of the management has been to open the doors to the companies of the sector in fashion icon cities such as Medellin, thanks to the positioning of our brands and the important presence we have achieved in fairs such as Cumo and Colombiamoda. la generación de empleo y la activación de la economía en la región, ese es un componente clave en la apuesta que hace la empresa a la región, otro componente es a nivel comercial, hemos abierto 6 tiendas en la ciudad. Otro gran aporte de la gestión ha sido abrir las puertas a las empresas del sector en ciudades icono de la moda como lo es Medellín gracias al posicionamiento de nuestras marcas y la presencia tan importante que hemos logrado en ferias como Cumo y Colombiamoda. 

The business awards have become an opportunity to promote the good image of the companies in the region, establish a network of contacts and gain recognition as a sector. empresas de la región, establecer una red de contactos y obtener un reconocimiento como sector.


Our mission as an organization is to generate a cultural transformation to promote our region, being a reference in the fashion industry at a national level thanks to the development of high quality garments that allow Colombian and Latin women to feel comfortable. All this, through the development, growth and training of our employees, to provide a service of excellence.


In 2025 we will be a competitive and innovative organization that will continue working to be recognized globally for its social commitment and sustainable development in the fashion industry. Achieving to be the ideal option for the market and being at the same time an extraordinary place for the professional development of its collaborators


We are committed to working as a team, collaborating to achieve common goals, sharing information, transmitting knowledge and experiences, with honesty, respect, transparency and humility to generate trust.
transmitiendo los conocimientos y las experiencias, con honestidad, respeto, transparencia y humildad para generar confianza.

"Our commitment is based on the passion to do what we love and know how to do."


In Bless Organization S.A.S., we are committed to satisfy the needs and expectations of all our customers and other stakeholders through the design, manufacture and marketing of products that offer fashion and quality, in order to position ourselves as a global leader in the fashion industry.

By focusing on the continuous improvement of each of our processes, sustainable development, prevention of accidents and occupational diseases and road safety, we seek to provide safe working environments for our employees, maintain our productivity and profitability, contribute to the social and business development of the region and be recognized for our management.