Fashion in Cúcuta, a sector that is growing stronger.

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In recent years, Cúcuta has gained the attention of tourists, brands and big businessmen when it comes to talking about fashion, especially during events such as Colombiamoda, the Cúcuta Fair and Cúcuta Moda (CúMo). That is why it is not strange that new local companies are constantly emerging, or that those that already exist are expanding nationally and internationally. Por eso no es extraño que constantemente surjan nuevas empresas locales, o que las que ya están se expandan a nivel nacional e internacional.

An example is the case of Bless Organization, which was born in 2010 as a start-up and today is present in Cúcuta, Medellín and Bogotá. It also generates 700 direct jobs. "At the beginning I used to see the brands in the capital of Antioquia and I wondered when it was going to be this big. Six years ago I went to Colombiamoda for the first time and realized that trade fairs are an opportunity to grow. And that same year Inexmoda declared Bless as the anchor company of the national apparel industry", recalls Yerzon Villamizar, general manager of the brand.

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